Rice Search Partners

Partnering select clients globally, helping them transform, evolve and grow across product, function and geography, via executive search and advisory offerings.

Placements – 1000+ Searches completed.

Value – $1.5+ billion attributable revenue from placements over the past decade.

Clients – Best in class, Investment Bank, Hedge Fund / Asset Management, Investor backed, Partnership.

Our Philosophy

Search – 20 year track record with core knowledge in Energy & Commodities, Risk & Infrastructure, Private Equity & EMEA Equities.

Consulting – Access to data through a unique global perspective. Being specialists in a clearly defined market allows us to offer our clients better advice and access to the market for human capital.

Intelligence – Bespoke competitor intelligence specifically focussed on talent pipelining, organisational analysis, compensation analysis and succession planning.

Our Partnership

Rice Search Partners also benefits from our relationship with Adjuvo, which is an exclusive investment club.

Adjuvo is a partnership between Mark Foster-Brown, of Altima Partners, and Andrew Rice, of Rice Search Partners, seeking to leverage their respective expertise and track record in the investment process and accessing a global network of senior professionals.

 Our clients come first. Their success is what drives us. 

Andrew Rice, Chairman of Rice Search Partners & Co-founding Partner of Adjuvo.

Our Coverage

Energy & Commodities

  • Focus primarily within the investor space, partnering 2 of the largest commodity investors, helping to build their businesses globally over the past 10 years.
  • Expertise in trading & analytics, business development & principal investing.
  • Supported leading national oil companies (NOCs), boutiques and specialists in emerging regions.

Capital Markets

  • Extensive network and track-record across the distribution, execution and analysis functions.
  • Particularly known for our expertise in the Equities space.
  • Knowledge across the asset classes in the global emerging markets.


  • Specialise in both executive and non-executive Board level, operating partner and advisor roles.
  • Work across a spectrum of industries, but focus primarily on the financial services, consumer, digital and clean-tech sectors.

Risk, Compliance & Infrastructure

  • Expertise in delivering Director to Board level talent across Risk, Compliance, Finance and Treasury.
  • Partner with a select group of clients across Investment Banking, Asset Management and Retail Banking.
  • Track record of building our clients’ businesses in the US and Europe with our team based in London and New York.

Strategy & Intelligence

  • Research and strategic consulting practice delivering cross-industry data and intelligence to support the disruption and evolution of our clients’ businesses
  • Demonstrable track record of engaging with the c-suite of Fortune 500 corporates, banks, hedge funds and tech firms; assisting in strategy, industry analyses, organizational design and proactive talent benchmarking
  • Work cross-industry with a strong focus on innovation, technology, digital customer experience, and enterprise transformation across all functions

Track Record

Data Privacy

Our privacy policy is available on request. It explains how and why we collect personal data, what we do with it, as well as how we keep it both safe and secure. It also contains information about your personal privacy rights. Please note that you may request to have your personal data removed from our systems at any time.


The Adelphi Building
1-11 John Adam Street
London, WC2N 6HT

Phone: +44 207 070 9000

Email: info@ricesp.com

New York

110 Wall Street
New York
NY 10005

Phone: +1 646 665 3719

Email: info@ricesp.com