Rice Search Partners is a financial services executive search and leadership advisory boutique. The firm has a 20 year track-record of delivering searches in over 50 cities around the world.

Our primary areas of expertise are Energy & Commodities, Capital Markets, Private Equity and Risk, Compliance & Infrastructure.

Our Philosophy

Specialists – each of our consultants are specialists working in a clearly defined market place.

Consultant Led Research – our consultants conduct their own research, and follow a deep-dive research philosophy.

Long-term Partnerships – 60% of our work has been with the same 7 clients.

Our Partnership

Rice Search Partners also benefits from our relationship with Adjuvo, which is an exclusive investment club.

Adjuvo is a partnership between Mark Foster-Brown, of Altima Partners, and Andrew Rice, of Rice Search Partners, seeking to leverage their respective expertise and track record in the investment process and accessing a global network of senior professionals.

 Our clients come first. Their success is what drives us. 

Andrew Rice, Chairman of Rice Search Partners & Co-founding Partner of Adjuvo.

Our Coverage

Energy & Commodities

  • Focus primarily within the investor space, partnering 2 of the largest commodity investors, helping to build their businesses globally over the past 10 years.
  • Expertise in trading & analytics, business development & principal investing.
  • Supported leading national oil companies (NOCs), boutiques and specialists in emerging regions.

Capital Markets

  • Extensive network and track-record across the distribution, execution and analysis functions.
  • Particularly known for our expertise in the Equities space.
  • Knowledge across the asset classes in the global emerging markets.


  • Specialise in both executive and non-executive Board level, operating partner and advisor roles.
  • Work across a spectrum of industries, but focus primarily on the financial services, consumer, digital and clean-tech sectors.

Risk, Compliance & Infrastructure

  • Expertise in delivering Director to Board level talent across Risk, Compliance, Finance and Treasury.
  • Partner with a select group of clients across Investment Banking, Asset Management and Retail Banking.
  • Track record of building our clients’ businesses in the US and Europe with our team based in London and New York.

Strategy & Intelligence

  • Research and strategic consulting practice delivering cross-industry data and intelligence to support the disruption and evolution of our clients’ businesses
  • Demonstrable track record of engaging with the c-suite of Fortune 500 corporates, banks, hedge funds and tech firms; assisting in strategy, industry analyses, organizational design and proactive talent benchmarking
  • Work cross-industry with a strong focus on innovation, technology, digital customer experience, and enterprise transformation across all functions

Track Record

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Cutler’s Court
115 Houndsditch
London, EC3A 7BR

Phone: +44 207 070 9000

Email: info@ricesp.com

New York

110 Wall Street
New York
NY 10005

Phone: +1 646 665 3719

Email: info@ricesp.com